While journal articles are still considered the most important sources of scholarly reading, libraries may no longer have a monopoly on providing discovery and access. Many other sources of scholarly information are available to readers. This international study examines how researchers discover, read, and use scholarly literature for their work. Respondents in 2018 report an average of almost 20 article readings a month and there are still significant differences found in the reading and use of scholarly literature by discipline and geographical location, consistent with the earlier studies. Researchers show they are willing to change or adopt new strategies to discover and obtain articles.

My story started in February 2012 when I decided to do my Master internship at computer science laboratory of La Rochelle University. During this period, I spent most of my time at reading research papers. I found myself reading many times the same paper to be able to understand it. Event if the paper is annotated, I still need to read it again to remember what the authors stand for. After six months, I finished my Master internship and I got an opportunity to continue my research work as a Ph.D. student at the same laboratory. When I began my thesis, I looked for a tool, which can help me to do not waste time in reading again papers I have already read.

When you are reading a paper, the best way is to take note during this journey.

- When you crite, you pay more attention to what you are reading. It is useful to write down the important ideas to remember

- Take note of the limitations and the implications of the research. Think of ways to apply the theory to reality, to improve your understanding.

SN4RE plateform is here to help you on that journey and give you tools to take note during your reading thus you can empower your note

Much of a scientist's work involves reading research papers.

Because scientific articles are different from other texts, like novels or newspaper stories, they should be read differently. here are some tips to be able to read and understand them.

At the end of the day, remember to take note. Take notes improve reading comprehension and helps you rember key points.